Does anyone ever have a huge fear of the unknown? Does your mind race causing you to be depressed at the same time your anxiety level goes on the rise?
I get this almost overwhelming feeling that I am alone. I hate feeling alone. It's such a cold and empty feeling. No matter how far I come in life - I still find that my biggest fear and problem is the loneliness inside. My mind makes things up that scare me. Such as; my wife is out of town on business right now so I start thinking (is she okay - is she coming back - is she leaving me - is she seeing somebody else) all those thoughts my "rationale" mind says are false. But they overwhelm me throughout the day and I get this empty pit deep inside and it's so cold and so lonely that it scares me and is so hard to breathe.

Suggestions about how you all deal with these problems and/or if you even have these problems would be very appreciated right now.
And if "any" of you have time - email me here at
I can sure use the friends right now.
Thank you all,