Sorry I've not responded, but this is one relationship that I thought would work & it pissed me off because I like/love? them both.

With relationships:

Something to live up to:

Parents - just short of 40 years (Dad had Alzeimhers)

Sister - married about 27 years & ongoing!
Brother - 25 years & ongoing!

Me - you're joking:

8 year old & changed school ...mister popular (mega) to who???
11 - changed school again...OK / crap / OK / more crap.
12 abuse....
13 SY ....The Girl in the School was in love with me as was Tank (just advanced for her years) and a very posh one who's name I can't remember....right at the time it was dawning on me that that ******* pervert had done me over.
13 - discovered alcohol & school thought I was becoming some sort of delinquent.
44 - started to wake up from this crap & began to have 'daymares'
46 - realised the daymare was reality....BANG

Between 13 + 46:

CB - dental nurse...stingy
CH - hospital nurse...married her brothers best friend...worked in Saudi Tax free before buying own business - I became ex when cheque came back from Saudi.
MM - caught her tongue down throat of ex.

Just examples:

Friends girlfriend got pregnant & told him he didn't exist.
Friends wife had a mobile phone given to her by her lover (subsequently smashed).
Friends wife (x 2) accused them of shagging about while they were doing it themselves.

See normal people?

I am the positive one that will encourage everyone else to form relationships, I would be the best Dad ever, but sometimes I just feel like smacking peoples heads together when they hurt each other for no reason.

I have had so much support over my abuse issues & have progressed away from that, but I still find it so difficult to progress towards a meaningful relationship.

Sorry if I am negative for once!

At the moment I'll just stick to the none demanding good friends & of course people here.

Thanks ...Rik

*Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up.
*I was seeking a way of expressing my anger - I found hope!
*There are many battles before the war is won! It can be won!