Tuesday January 7, 07:43 PM

Gary Glitter deported from Cambodia

LONDON (Reuters) - Former glam rock star Gary Glitter, convicted of child pornography offences in 1999, has been deported from Cambodia after being arrested in the country.

Glitter, who had set up home last year in the Cambodia -- a country with a reputation as a safe haven for child sex offenders -- was detained on December 26 and deported on December 28 after spending two days in prison, the Foreign Office said.

"We can confirm that he was deported from Cambodia," a Foreign Office spokesman told Reuters.

Foreign Office officials were unable to say exactly why Glitter had been detained and then deported.

Glitter, whose real name is Paul Gadd, was flown to Thailand, according to UK media reports. His lawyers are understood to be challenging the deportation.

After the 58-year-old was detained, the decision to deport him was taken by the Cambodian authorities with no involvement from British officials, the Foreign Office said.

Glitter was sentenced in Britain in 1999 to four months in prison for downloading child pornography from the Internet.

The 1970s pop icon caused a storm of controversy last May when he was found setting up home in Cambodia, whose notoriously lax judicial system and weak law enforcement have created its reputation as a safe haven for child sex offenders.

Although he committed no crimes in Cambodia, the impoverished Southeast Asian nation's minister for woman's affairs led a campaign to kick Glitter out on the grounds his presence sullied the country's image.

He left Cambodia at the end of May, and was widely believed to have gone to Vietnam, although this was never confirmed.

He turned up again in Phnom Penh late last year and stayed as a tourist in an unidentified guest house


Hopefully other countries will follow the example of Cambodia and begin to clean their act up, although they have a long way to go.

But the expulsion of this creep is a start,although I had hoped he would be extradited back to the UK where new laws would mean he could be tried for his crimes abroad.


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