Two Priests Charged with Soliciting Sex with Boys
By Charles Grandmont

MONTREAL (Reuters) - Two U.S. Catholic priests were charged with soliciting sex from underage boys in a Canadian prostitution ring, prompting their archdiocese to suspend them from parish duties in New Jersey, police and church spokesmen said on Monday.

The priests, one the former head of a Roman Catholic high school for boys, were arrested in Montreal earlier this month along with four other men during a police sting operation against the ring. Up to 30 male prostitutes, some of them as young as 14, were part of the ring, police said.

The priests appeared in court on July 19 and returned to the United States after posting bail of C$1,000 ($636) each. Their next hearing is set for Oct. 2.

The charges against William Giblin, 70, and Eugene Heyndricks, 60, come as the U.S. Catholic church is reeling from a series of pedophilia scandals.

Newark Archbishop John Myers was "saddened and appalled" by the allegations against the two priests, said James Goodness, spokesman for the Newark archdiocese.

The archdiocese has barred the two men from any religious duty and offered its co-operation to the police.

"We have alerted the appropriate civil authorities here in New Jersey about the allegations," Goodness said.

"We will make sure that those priests are removed from ministry during the time period," he said, adding they would be stripped of their ministry if found guilty.

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