EXCLUSIVE He was TOO FAT to attend rehab lessons.. & has served just HALF his sentence* *AT LEAST HE CAN'T GO MISSING TOO EASILY

A 40-STONE paedophile was let out of jail early with no rehabilitation - because he was so fat he couldn't get up a flight of stairs to the room where the course was held.

Britain's fattest prisoner, Frederick McClure, 44, served just half of his five-year sentence for child sex offences - despite failing to undergo any courses to control his lust for children.

The former professional DJ also refused to carry out an offending behaviour work course designed to reduce a paedophile's risk of reoffending. When he was released from Risley Prison, in Warrington, Cheshire last week McClure, aided by two crutches, gasped for breath as he struggled to walk to a waiting car.

Huffing and puffing, the paedo was driven to Leigh police station in Greater Manchester to register with cops, then went for a pub lunch.

Prison chiefs were delighted to see the back of McClure, as he was costing them almost 35,000 a year for a nurse to bathe him and change his socks.

He had to be taken to hospital by taxi to be weighed - the prison did not have scales big enough.

And when his family visited him he had to take a bus from the vulnerable persons' wing to the visitors' area as he could not walk the 200 yards.

McClure groomed a 14-year-old boy before subjecting him to a sickening attack in his bedroom.

The boy kept quiet for 20 years, but broke his silence when he saw McClure at a social function.

Yvonne Trainer, chief executive of the Rape And Sexual Abuse Support Centre, said: "Doesn't the criminal justice system understand how much courage it takes for a victim to come forward? You would like to think that these people are being punished, but it's clearly not the case. People come out more dangerous than when they went in as they have learnt tricks inside. It's frightening."

McClure has been on a diet since he was jailed in 2003 - when he was 31 stone - but has continued to pile on the pounds.

A jail source said: "We tried to control his diet but kept finding him stuffing his face with Mars bars. It's a disgrace that he has been let off the course because he was too fat to get to it."

Norman Brennan of the Victims of Crime Trust said: "He could be out of sight for just five minutes to commit the vile types of crime for which he was convicted. He is a timebomb waiting to go off."

A Prison Service spokeswoman said: "Prison staff work hard to encourage offenders to address or change their behaviour but some simply refuse."

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