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Yeah, they give him a police record for five years which is a lifetime for a 12yo.
If they cant catch the real baddies they abuse the kids just before christmas.

How fuckin heartless is this story, and how would a little kid think of authorieties?
STOP! Criminalizing kids for now reason, bastards.

SCHOOLBOY Joshua Harden received a five year police warning for riding a toy scooter outside his home.

The 12-year-old used the 160 Bella scooter to visit his pal five doors down from his house in Walton.

But he was spotted by police who seized the scooter and sent him before the youth offending team which issued the warning - the equivalent of two cautions.

His parents, of Hornby Close, accused Merseyside police of punishing Joshua in place of other youngsters who ride mini motorbikes anti-socially.

Merseyside police said there could be no exceptions to the law.

Joshua's mother, Tracey, 40, said: "I bought the scooter when Joshua was nine. It runs on batteries.

"But we have since learned that afterwards the law was changed to classify even that as a motor vehicle."

Mrs Harden, a supermarket worker, added: "At the youth offenders meeting we were treated likehe was a serial killer."

Her motor mechanic husband, Sean, said: "I have a garage with a fore-court where Joshua can legally use the scooter. All the police had to do is explain the law and we would have obeyed."

Until his record is cleared when Joshua turns 17, if he commits even a minor offence, he will be automatically charged and sent to court.

Paul Unsworth, Merseyside police inspector for Warbreck and Fazakerley, said: "We have spent the last 18 months informing people about damage to property, that they are dangerous and must be insured and registered for the highways.

"They are a nice family and Joshua is a decent lad.

"But although they consider the scooter is a toy, the law regards it as a mechanically propelled vehicle."

Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!