Just a note to say he failed to utter a word at his trial.
This is the second time he has been to court and found not guilty.

Surely the circumstances show otherwise.

(Another cover-up)

Suspended former Labour council leader Colin Inglis will learn where his political future lies this weekend.

The Myton ward councillor was originally suspended in June last year by the Labour Party after being arrested over allegations of child abuse.

The suspension also forced him to stand down as chairman of Humberside Police Authority.

He was subsequently cleared of all charges against him following a two-week trial at Leeds Crown Court in July.

However, Labour bosses opted to extend his suspension because of his support for the Lib Dems at the annual council meeting following this year's elections.

His vote effectively helped oust Labour from power, giving the Lib Dems control after the party won most seats at the election without being able to command an overall majority.

At the time, Cllr Inglis denied his move was a way of extracting revenge for his demise as Labour leader.

"Revenge was not a factor," he said.

"I know many people will not believe that, but the key factor for me was a personal assessment of the capability, honesty and morality of having an all-Labour cabinet when the electorate clearly voted for a change."

A disciplinary hearing before a panel of national party officials is scheduled for Sunday.

It is thought Cllr Inglis could be expelled from the party or handed a further suspension, which could prevent him from standing for re-election as a Labour candidate in next year's elections.

Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!