"I think the law court has clearly said if it's not the employer's business being conducted, then the church has no responsibility. And I think that's absolutely fair," he said.

Imagine if your employer were able to employ this defense against any sexual harrassment lawsuit.

So the issue here is, the State will not get invovled. Tough luck for victims and survivors. All I gotta say is, if I were employed anywhere, except the Church, and behaved in a sexually harassing way, one could rest assured that I and my employer would be prosecuted and probably found guilty, and sentenced accordingly. Not to mention that I would be fired. All I would have to do is tell a dirty joke to someone who interpreted the joke to be "sexual harrassment". That would be the end of the story there. But I guess it's ok if you work for the Church to sexually harrass, abuse, molest, rape, assault, children or anyone that one can find. It's sanctioned by the employer apparenly, and is protected under the Constitution of the United States. God (?) Bless America.

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