Thanks for the article, Orodo. It seems that legal standards and Church regulations need to be considered in these matters, and different actions distinguished. Either way, it shows the positive side of unpalatable newsworthy revelations. Public image and spurs to ethical conduct are as good as gold, it would seem. As for any legitimate victims of pedophilia, it is a reminder that legal action is only icing. The cake is bigger than that. So are the fish in the sea. Any victim that can focus his energies on empowering acts wins anyway, in spite of statutes and evidentiary requirements. An adult who pursues education, skills, and ethical knowledge becomes a soldier in the larger battle, a kind of Batman figure. Where did the folks in Greenpeace and Amnesty International come from? Or Public Citizen? In the Bible, Joseph, assistant to the Pharaoh, overcame his sister's mistreatment and utilized it effectively in his success against someone bearing false witness against him. The Menendez brothers, on the other hand, show the folly of ignorance and violence. There are causes to be won legitimately every day, as Ralph Nader even shows. In these events, reports of statutes of limitations become like inspiration in the vein of FDR and his fireside chats.
The mouse that gets away doesn't mean the cat goes hungry forever.