Quote from Squidgy's earlier post:-
"Unlike the Catholic Church, none of the incidents mentioned involved using the religious position of authority to facilitate abuse. Much the same as any social services unit etc., can't do things without sufficient proof or evidence, neither can JW elders. In no way does this article present proof or fact sustaining that there was proof or that the elders had knowledge of this. Throughout it talks about church policy but fails to properly state what that policy is."

Squidgy, I think you miss the point. Any establishment that has a risk should take all reasonable precautions to exclude that risk.
If, as you say, the JW elders had no proof or evidence of what actually happened then they are as negligent as the director of a social services department or the headmaster of a school.
It's not rocket science to figure out that it's not right for people to be allowed into a situation where they can be left alone with children, and parents and guardians have as much or more responsibility than any organization not to let this happen. Especially wher the adult is providing a role model and may have undue influence on a child.
There's a choice to be made here, tighten up all kinds of organizations until they're watertight, or carry on as we are.
Just because the people at the top of the greasy pole dont know what's going on below them, doesn't make them innocent. Far from it, guilty and negligent. Maybe they haven't got a policy ?

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