Hi Just Call me J. Religion serves a purpose whether there's an existing Diety or not. It really does'nt matter if there's an Afterlife. If we die and consciousness vanishes we won't be able to ponder The Thing. Consciousness and acknowledgement of the passage of time cease existence. And yet,given the vastnesses of eons-to-come where universes are born,grow old and die then reform endlessly the molecules of which our minds & bodies were once composed will reassemble once again. So it really does'nt matter. What matters is the here and now. Religious beliefs be they superstition or whatnot provoke us to do or not do harmful things to ourselves or others. For instance,I won't commit murder because I believ there's an accounting. I spent a couple of years behind bars long,long ago. Got involved in the 60s drug culture. I laugh now,about it. Might as well have worn a sign "THIS GUY'S ON DRUGS". Tinfoil was the easiest bust any cop ever made. But at the time I thought I was SOO smart. Wudda dummy! But behind bars I witnessed True Evil. Not the Hollywood crap. Those out there reading this who've been busted a few times know what I'm talking about. The shrinks have fancy names for what I had to live with in those cold smelly cement cells. Sociopathic,psychopathic ad infinitum. It's all the same. Evil is'nt some guy jacking off to porn photos. Evil is making those fantasies reality. There's a difference.