Have you ever thought that Governments encourage child abuse?
I have never known any positive reaction to tackling this growing menace.

Each and every CSA case has been unearthed by adults coming forward, with the exception of the few kids who nail perps. But police and other services seem to wait for it to be reported.

Perps know they can get away with it, but what if it became so difficult, and kids knew a way of telling what happened without feeling intimidated by authorities.

Knowing what I know now, and having lived through the horrors of being terrified to tell, then it hurts me that nothing is done to protect kids, and give them a safe way out.

Let us face it, a kid only wants a safe way out of the grief.
That means nobody knowing who should not know.
The childs wishes should be granted.

All that anyone needs to do is listen.
Remember that word, because it is how I found my way here.
That is all it takes, someone to listen and say, hey, you are safe, and we will make sure your wishes are applied.

Even if it means the kid living with abusive parents who agree to be helped and the kid monitored then so be it, but abuse carries on because the kid cannot see life outside of the hurt of today.

Safe way OUT!


Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!