Virgin Mary, Mother of God, please help this survivor to heal, even though he is being victimized by these evil men and the leaders of the Church once again. Please protect all of the little children from these men who claim to represent your Son yet abuse the children in His name. Please appeal to your Son to send down Hosts of Angels to take these evil men away from us and save us from all the suffering and pain they inflict upon the children again and again. Please hear my prayer, we have no one else to turn to, may your petitions to your Son be answered as they were when you told him "There is no more wine." I humbly ask this in your name, Amen.

It is better to be Dragon Master than Dragon Slayer. Some Dragons are meant to be mastered, others meant to be slain. Odin, Great Spirit, God, grant me the wisdom to know the difference. "May the Valar guide and bless you on your path under the sky"