I read your post and maybe i am reading more into it than you intended, but i got hung up on y9our statement that you could not confront anyone even if you wanted to. I am not so sure that is entirely correct, my abuser dissapeared on me, one of the ways i was able to speak my mind with him was to write letters to him, i wrote probably half a dozen that really helped me a lot to get a grip on what i was feeling and how he had affected me, i could not send them by mail cus i could not find him, so i burned them and sent them to him that way, there was something cathartic about going through the whole things for me and i thought i would mention it to you as a way of possibly confronting your brother.

I wish you the best, i too had what they called *free floating anxiety* it wasnt so free floating if you ask me, i know it was from all the fear from the abuse, my heart goes out to you.


I asked him about this law he spoke of, he said,,, *watch* he then asked the others to share about their lives,,, the others talked of how things were for them, how things worked in their lives,,, and as they believed, it was so.