I am posting this, as it smacks of confrontation.
Why? Would this guy say these things if it were not true!

It is sad that life has to end this way, and the guy who did it, is locked in a mental unit.
Maybe he is just nuts, a psycho maybe, but it echoed on case I remember.

The case was of a 14yo boy who slashed the face of a 23yo in an unprovoked attack.
The boy had a dysfunctional family, his dad was away all the time delivering stuff.

The boy committed suicide in a young offender institution, and I think that maybe the boy had been abused and took on his attacker with force.

Confrontation can have a massive kickback on anyone who tries it, but the jury is really out on these cases.

Paul Cooper was found in his flat with serious injuries

A man who was wrongly accused of being a paedophile was stabbed to death in a brutal and prolonged attack, Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court has heard.

Paul Cooper, 42, of Walton Road in Heywood, Greater Manchester, was found dead at his flat on 18 March.

Neil Read, 23, of Higher Lomax Lane in Heywood, was deemed unfit to plead earlier this week.

On Friday he was ordered to go to Ashworth high security hospital, where he will be held in a psychiatric unit.

He is to be held without limit of time.
There is no evidence to suggest that Paul was ever involved in any sexual offence
Det Ch Insp Jeff McMahon

Read attacked and killed Mr Cooper after becoming fixated with the idea he had been indecently assaulted by him when he was a child.

Det Ch Insp Jeff McMahon said: "Paul and Read knew each other from years earlier.

"We have never received any allegation that Paul indecently assaulted Read at any time.

"There is no evidence to suggest that Paul was ever involved in any sexual offence.

"He had never been arrested, questioned or convicted of any crime of a sexual nature.

"Neil Read had, over a prolonged period of time, persuaded a number of people in the community that Paul Cooper, and others in the area, were sex offenders. "Many of those he spoke to believed him and this misinformation hampered our investigation in its early stages."

Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!