We need martial law. The guy out to be in jail by now. What possible cause could he have for delaying or softening his punishment?

Where the hell is the justice? When things get this bad, people need to take law into thier own hands, because there IS NO LAW. You cant be accoused of vigilantism in an anarchy controlled by american aristocrats. Policemen are worse than vigilantees.

From our positions, we feel there is nothing that can be done, because the power is in the hands of people who just dont give a shit. Its like arguing with a man who is trying to kill you. When are people going to wake up? If just people dont take the power for themselves, they will spend the rest of thier lives as victoms. It doesnt have to be violence, but jeesus, just DO something! Passive resistance, but resistance all the same.

When i fix my head a little more, im not going to spend the rest of my life listening to things like this and taking it on the ground. I am not going to waste my time watching television all day when i could be out in the world making a difference. Ill start picketing, protesting, get active somehow. If i get rich, i can use my money to help stop things like this. You dont even have to succeed, you just have to show people that your there trying. It makes all the diffence.