Our Hollywoodish popular cultural conceptualization of this encompasses morality,lust,compulsions,psyc this,psych that. But it leaves out the most important aspect. The father's garnered momentary satisfaction. Fullfilled his fantasies. Now comes the aftermath. Forget prison. As his daughter ages he'll never accompany her journey. He'll forever be apart. There will be no hugs. He won't be there when she graduates from high school. Nor college. Nor at her wedding nor the birth of his grandchildren. Whatever her experiences,her victories and defeats,he will forever remain apart. I mean,think of it. How would it be to be him to have created a life from his loins which thru eternity finds him abysmally disgusting? His victory has the taste of ashes. Fantasies are fine. I can fantasize anything I want. And believ me there's some whoppers. But when fantasy becomes reality,dues must be paid. The father will know a "different kind of hell". Bet on it. I went thru this with my mother.