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Story of the week: Two Utah children die violently
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The Salt Lake Tribune

Two Utah children were killed in apparent child-abuse incidents this week.
Two-year-old Jaden Cangro of Murray died Monday night after a beating. A police statement says Phillip J. Guymon admitted to lifting the toddler and throwing him about 9 feet across a room.
Police booked Guymon into the Salt Lake County jail on Tuesday without bail.
Jaden lived with his 5-year-old sister, their mother and Guymon, her boyfriend, in a house in the 1200 West block of Eagle Nest Drive (6110 South) in Murray. Guymon, who was caring for Jaden while his mother was at work, called 911 about 7 p.m. The dispatcher reported to police the child was not breathing.
On Tuesday night, Syracuse police responded to a similar 911 call concerning a child who was not breathing.
When emergency personnel arrived at the home, they found a 10-year-old girl with a black eye dead on the floor, police said.
The girl, Shelby L. Andrews, had been beaten with a belt and shoved against a wall so hard she knocked a hole in the sheetrock, said Syracuse police Chief Brian Wallace.
"There were not many places on her body that did not have a bruise," Wallace said. "She was pretty much covered from head to toe."
Police on Wednesday arrested Shelby's father, Ryan W. Andrews, 38, and Andrews' wife, Angela Ray Andrews, 35, Shelby's stepmother, on suspicion of criminal homicide, a first-degree felony. Both are being held at the Davis County jail.
Wallace said Ryan Andrews told police, "I lost control."
Syracuse police Sgt. Mark Sessions said the 10-year-old's injuries, coupled with information learned from interviews, indicated she had been abused over the span of about one year. The injuries that led to her death were inflicted beginning on Saturday, Sessions said. Among those that likely killed her, he said, were those suffered when her father shoved her headfirst into a sheetrock wall.

Destiny update
Craig Roger Gregerson allegedly had been planning to abduct 5-year-old Destiny Norton "for some time" before he lured the girl to his Salt Lake City home on July 16 and suffocated her, according to a request for a search warrant made public Monday. He was charged July 27 with capital murder and child kidnapping.

Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!