NEWS CENTER Story Archive April 22, 2002
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43-year-old Thomas Wright of Yarmouth is free on bail, after being charged with gross sexual assault. Wright was arrested last week when the parents of an 11-year-old boy told police he had molested their son.
The alleged assault took place several years ago, when Wright was a member of the Faith Baptist Church in North Yarmouth. Authorities say the young parishoner was seven years old at the time. Now police say they're investigating more allegations against Wright. Other people from the church, including two women, told police they were abused by Wright when they were minors. Wright's lawyer, James Martemucci, says his client is innocent and he's confident the charges will be dropped. Martemucci says the charges stem from a bitter divorce case and that the allegations were made because Wright's wife wants to get custody of their children. What makes this case more complicated is the role of the church. Wright left the Faith Baptist Church after 15 years of service, then started teaching sunday school at the First Baptist Church in Freeport. He was demoted last summer, after a parishoner in North Yarmouth told church leaders Wright had abused her. But no one from either church reported the allegations to police. Authorities are looking into whether the churches will face charges as well.

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