Man Found Guilty Of Sex Assault On Children
(AP) AURORA, Colo. A 32-year-old man who posed as a child as young as 13 years old to befriend children was convicted Thursday of 63 charges related to sexual assault and could face up to life in prison, prosecutors said.

Zuri-Kye McGhee of Aurora was convicted on charges ranging from sexual assault on a child with a pattern of abuse to child abuse, knowingly and recklessly causing bodily injury, district attorney spokeswoman Kathleen Walsh said. A jury acquitted McGhee on two charges, forgery and attempted sexual assault on a child.

Sentencing is set for Oct. 30 in 18th Judicial District Court.

Posing as a teenager, the youthful-looking McGhee attacked 18 boys and one girls, most between the ages of 13 and 15, prosecutors said.

The man's mother, Soldad McGhee, 54, helped McGhee in his ruse by introducing him to families with young children, prosecutors said.

Soldad McGhee appeared in court early last month. She faces three counts of sexual assault on a child and one count of sexual assault using physical force on accusations that she was complicit in helping her son attack at least four victims.

In 1998, Zuri-Kye McGhee was charged with 23 counts of criminal sexual contact with a minor. He served 321 days in jail after pleading guilty to contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

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