Robert Smith ... Britain's
worst paedophile



I cannot validate the truth in the source of this story, as it came from the 'gutter press'.

TWO devastated brothers who were both victims of Britain’s worst paedophile yesterday called for him to be castrated.

The pair went through separate sickening ordeals at the hands of vile Robert Smith.

They did not realise for decades that the other had been abused by the sex monster.

Paul Worrell, 45, and his brother David, 43, yesterday waived their right to anonymity to reveal the full horror or how Smith abused them up to three times a month.

He held a knife to David’s neck as he raped him — and sat down with their parents drinking tea after his attacks.

The brothers called for changes in the criminal justice system so paedophiles can be castrated.

And they pleaded for the adoption of a Sarah’s Law — so people are told if convicted child molesters live near them.

Smith, 65, was jailed for 20 years earlier this week for sex attacks on nearly 40 children over three decades.

He threatened to SHOOT some of his victims if they ever revealed his crimes.

Paul, a father of three who has been married 25 years, said: “Paedophiles should be castrated — starting with Smith. We should not have to live in society with these people.

“The things he did to children of four, five, six and seven were horrific and disgusting.

“To think that in 15 years time he could be living next to your children chills me.”

Paul and David, from Watford, Herts, were savagely attacked for 18 months starting when they were six and five.

Maintenance worker Paul broke his silence 20 years ago and told his parents after discovering Smith was baby-sitting other children in Scarborough, North Yorks.

But estate agent David, a married father of four, could not bring himself to talk about it until LAST YEAR — nearly four decades on.

Paul said he made a statement to police in 1987 — but was stunned when Smith was only cautioned by cops because of the time lapse.

He said: “The decision police made was appalling.”

Paul added: “I was about six and David was five when Smith started on us. He had already been abusing other children and we were just fresh blood.

“I was being attacked but thought it was only happening to me. The same thing was happening to David. We were both suffering the same nightmare in silence.

Sun report ... earlier this week

“Over the years he sexually abused and raped nearly 40 children — and police believe probably a lot more.

“But each one thought they were the only person being attacked.” He added: “He befriended our family and gained our parents’ complete trust.” Smith then put the boys through horrific sex attacks and drove them home — threatening them all the way.

Paul said: “He would threaten violence and said if anyone found out we would be blamed and it would destroy the family.

“Minutes after abusing me, he would come into our house and sit drinking tea with my parents who believed he was a really nice man.” Smith would offer to take the boys fishing from the harbour wall in Scarborough.

He would then force them into a grubby warehouse and put them through sickening sex ordeals. David was just five when he was raped.

Choking back tears, he said: “One hand was holding me down and he held a fish filleter’s knife at my neck with the other.” Paul told how years later his father described Smith as the “one true friend in my life”.

He said: “I couldn’t believe what he was saying. Then I realised just how cruel, devious and calculating Smith had been. He had taken my parents in completely.”

Last year Paul was astonished to be contacted by cops to be told they were investigating Smith again. He said: “They asked me to check with my brothers and sisters to see if they had also been abused.

“I was stunned when David told me it had happened to him as well but he had never felt he could talk about it.”

Paul added: “The public have got to understand people like Smith will never change.

Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!