WAWIBF... Watching the Detectives

31 July 2006

According to The Daily Mirror, plain-clothes detectives were out in Trafalgar Square on Tuesday looking for paedophiles when they happened across a Scotland Yard surveillance expert and anti-terrorist officer with a camera hidden in a sports bag.

Turns out this veteran of the force was using his hidden camera to take upskirt shots of womens' private parts. We don't know what age these women ranged from so we can't say for sure that the Paedo Squad got their man, but thank God they were there anyway.

When confronted with his rather adolescent crime, the unnamed police pervert replied that he was working undercover to video al Qaeda suspects. He wasn't. He was snapping Cupid's anvils with the sole purpose of self-pleasure once his wife had gone to bed.

So, basically, a man sent to vanquish terrorists was nabbed by the anti-paedophile unit. You have to smile. \:\)

Happily, the perv has been suspended and faces charges of causing a public nuisance. Sadly, he is a policeman, so they'll probably let him off.

Surely they could find a better charge than that!

Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!