Okay, I just read that Andrea Yates was found NOT GUILTY by reason of insanity!! HOW!?! Man, this just hit me like a ton of bricks.

I understand that she suffers from mental illness. But, the reports talk about her receiving "congratulations" from family and friends. CONGRATULATION!?!? She freakin' murdered her children...ALL of them!!!!!!

This case is TOO close to home...literally. I drive by the street where it happened EVERY single day. I always say a prayer for those children.

I don't want to judge or be harsh...but NOT guilty? She is guilty...mentally ill or not. She knew what she was doing...it was pre-meditated. I didn't want the death penalty for her but at the very minimum...a GUILTY verdict!

Sorry...this brings me back to where I was five years ago on June 20, 2001. I heard the news and just curled up and cried. Five innocent children...drowned...by their mother.

Where is the justice?