Note: John Ghobrial was senteced to death by lethal injection yesterday for sodomizing & murdering the 12 year old boy. For more info on this,websearch the word "bacaboz". Scroll way down to paragraph beginning with "In the Oasis of Siwa..."
Criminal Who Received Asylum Murders U.S. Neighbor
An Egyptian immigrant who, despite being charged with child molestation and attempted murder in his home country, was given asylum in the United States is now charged with the gruesome murder of a 12-year-old neighbor in Los Angeles.
John Ghobrial, a butcher by trade, is charged with having killed a sixth-grade neighbor, Juan Delgado, in March 1998, dismembering him and encasing the remains in concrete blocks, which were then scattered on neighborhood front lawns.

In his home country of Egypt, Ghobrial was wanted for suspicion of having molested and stabbed his 8-year-old cousin. The boy survived, but Ghobrial fled to the United States.