Murdoch is the prime minister, or hadnt you noticed.

He is grand puppet master general, or Noddys social worker for sure.
Him and mr Plod, big ears and loopy loo run the place behind our backs.

On the issue of getting information, it is best to ask for a lot of different information in question format, and ask them to address each question with a seperate answer.

Then ask them what the grounds are, for not issueing the said information.
It takes a ton of paperwork to address each question.

It really f*cks them up, especially if they get it wrong, so ask more questions until they get sick and tired of it.

I worked with this stuff, and know the paperwork involved, and it is a nightmare, because they have to go through a huge process for each singular request, they call them SAR,s, and I forget what it stands for.


PS, I dont know whether you are getting DLA, but I just applied for it, and if they knock me back, the Tiger will be on their doorstep.

That is one corner of my expertise in getting benefits for others, so now its my turn!

Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!