Make an FOIA request and you are a paedophileIt seems down Craigmillar way that if you dare to ask a financially dodgy and much complained against local charitable outlet for more information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) you could end up being abused by the outlet and it being insuinated by the director that you are a paedophile.

The following email (with names of the innocent removed) was sent to Craigmillar Childcare Services requesting information under the FOIA:

From: xxxxx[]
Sent: Friday, July 14, 2006 7:13 AM
To: ‘’
Cc: ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’;’; ‘Donald.Anderson’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’
Subject: Craigmillar Childcare Services SIP1

Importance: High

Without Prejudice

Ms. Patsy King
Craigmillar Childcare Services

Dear Ms. King,I earlier this week received in the mail a copy of your SIP1 from David Baird at the Craigmillar Partnership after my request by telephone.

As I am sure you are extremely supportive of members of the community knowing how the funding that comes into the area is spent, I wish to have more detailed information in order that we may see exactly how the money is spent. I believe xxxxx, a Craigmillar Community Councillor spoke to you at the recent community council meeting about the same subject as I had given her a copy of the SIP1 & 2.The more detailed information I wish to know under the FOIA is the following:

A breakdown on how the money has been spent in the last three financial years in terms of project by project.
A breakdown of the number of staff employed by each project over the last three financial years and their pay grades.
Full set of financial accounts for the last three financial years (audited or unaudited) A daily breakdown of the number of children, by project, that attended each project - we are assured Care Commission that daily registers are to be kept.

In order that our professonals may go over this information, we request that this information is forwarded at your earliest convenience but understand you have 20 days under the FOIA to supply the information.

xxxxxx - Community Activist, Resident & Benefactor.


P/K/A xxxxx

Just a few days later on July 18th the following letter was distributed from the abovementioned Patsy King, Director of Craigmillar Childcare Services:

Please note change of email address:

To: All Parents
Board Members
Care Commission Officers
Social Work Department
City of Edinburgh Councillors
Kevin Dunion18th July 2006Dear All I received an email yesterday from a xxxxx whom I also believe goes under different names including `xxxxx` and `xxxxx`. I have no idea why he uses different names, but from my experience of him, it is for extremely unsavoury purposes, as this is the same person who operates/moderates and posts very degrading, abusive and vile remarks about me personally, people in our organisation and our organisation generally on a website which is under investigation by the police. He also uses this site to dish out similar treatment to other decent, honest members of the local community.

The email I received starts off with a blatant lie, saying that he received Craigmillar Childcare Services Social Inclusion Funding Application from David Baird at the Craigmillar Partnership, David denies the vociferously.

xxxxx aka xxxxx, aka xxxxx has demanded me to provide extremely sensitive information, including details of staff salaries and individual grades etc. However, of most immediate concern to the organisation is his request for information on the children in our care, including a breakdown of our daily registers, project by project.

I do not know for what purpose he wants the information, but he has requested it under the Freedom of Information Act. However, I do not believe it is in the best interest of the children in our care or, indeed the staff we employ, to give him this information. I am therefore refusing to answer any correspondence from him and refusing to release this sensitive information to such an unsavoury character who is showing a worryingly unhealthy interest in a childcare organisation.

We have also been inundated with phone calls and requests from his associates, xxxxx and xxxxx for information on our organisation, including requests for annual reports and annual accounts (these people have also been responsible for posting abusive remarks on this website). the staff who have taken these phone calls have complained about the manner in which they have been spoken to as it is always in an aggressive, bullying and intimidating manner. I have now instructed staff not to take their calls.

If xxxxx (or whatever he chooses to call himself) or any of his associates wanted legitimate information on our organisation, including finanical information, it is on public record at Companies House where any member of the public can gain access to it.

In conclusion, I feel it is important to make you aware of my concerns about the motivation of someone who feels the need to use a selection of names for the purpose of correspondence, particualrly in efforts to aquire sensitive information about an organisation concerned with the security and well-being of young children.

I hope that you all appreciate my position and I would ask for your undivided support in my actions. If you would like further information on any of the above including copies of the vile and abusive posts, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Patsy King
Craigmillar Childcare Services

Regular readers will remember Patsy King as the
Council but was thrown out by the electorate in the recent commuity council election which had the biggest turnout ever in this country.King is also a cousin of the man who gleefully told the Evening News that he has wasted millions pounds of public funds in Craigmillar.

Craigmillar Childcare Services is one of those projects in the area which has received most funding from Nolan in his position as Chair of the Funding Panel. The other project in the area that receives the lion’s share of the funding is C(r)apacity Building Project which is run by King’s current partner, David Walker.

If there was ever proof that the Council, Communities Scotland and the European Funding agencies need to URGENTLY send administrators into Craigmillar to rid it of the parasites that live off the community, then it has now arrived.

Time for the Council’s Chief Executive and Monitoring Officer to move up a gear and have this dross dragged out of their money pit immediately, i.e. on Monday Morning.

You can’t say you haven’t been told, back on 22nd February this year we ran a poll on asking our readership whether there should be a public inquiry into what is happening in Craigmillar. In that poll we collected 1,002 votes with 998 votes saying yes and 4 votes saying no. That is just short of 100%


I found out one of the same parasites who was filling his own pockets with money destined for those who needed it.

They never called the cops, they made him resign, so he can go on fleecing another charity.
They cannot be seen to have let is happen, and sweep it under the carpet.

If you look closer at the email, the man has made a specific request under the act, and no, he has not broken any rules, but that woman who runs the place takes it on board to mean anything.

She has refused this man the information which he is legally right to ask for, and she should inform him in writing within the time limits, but she chose to turn it against him.

Thats democracy,


Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!