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Is justice being served in priest abuse cases?

Itís ironic how these young lads, abused by priests decades ago, are now coming out of the woodwork to tell their story. They did accept hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep silent about these abuses. Now they want to see that those priest are in no way connected to the church or as priest perform≠ing the duties they were trained to provide to the flock of Roman Catholics.
They had that opportunity decades ago at the time of the abuse: My question to them is why didnít you take the right course of action at the time of the abuse and see to it that these priest were prosecuted.
To the Bishopric of yesteryearís and of todayís decision making, why is it different actions are taken when you encounter a prob≠lem with those individuals of your own peers, as to what you preach from the pulpit? You protected your own from the public eye, paid with contributions from your flock, without knowledge to the membership of your flock?
Itís understandable why our parochial schools had to close for lack of funds derived from Sunday church collections. Why the flock has decreased in numbers. Why the flockís contribution to the church has decreased. Doesnít the Roman Catholic Church have rules in the event that some of the priests canít fulfill their obligation of celibacy (sexual acts of any kind with any≠one)?
To the district attorneys of Cumberland and York counties and all other counties, who have joined in the investigating and want to go on a witch hunt of 75 years ago, why canít you just prosecute those cases that are of recent account? That the law allows you according to the time frame? Are there any? What do you have to gain by going back to 75 years ago? Will you bring out the names of abusers and the victims? And why not? The pubic has a right to know if you have.
Do you do as much for female victims of sexual abuse and female rape victims? Is it your intent to go on a witch hunt on female rapists and female abusers, priests or not? Were these females even paid thousands of dollars to keep their silence? And when and if they do come out of the woodwork, these females, will you help them by opening your investigations and digging through police files?
According to what we read in the newspapers, a female has to take the stand and is considered a liar or the abuser herself when such an individual makes a complaint and sometimes is said to have a reputation of her own. Why do you take the word of these vic≠tims of years ago? Because they are male?
Did you investigate these young men coming out of the woodwork? Did they have a perfect past on sexuality? Perhaps they had a reputation of their own. Because they were paid thousands of dollars? Did they ever take the stand and divulge in details the actions of abuse? Is it your intent to close all the Roman Catholic Churches?
Our justice system uses a different stan≠dard for males than they do females. (It is) prejudice and sexual discrimination.
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