Here it is, in draft. If anyone has a better grasp of the facts of Gadd's earlier crimes I'd appreciate a review, to ensure we don't get sued for defamation...Let me know what you think.

Campaign Against "Rock and Roll #2"

Dear Sir/Madam;

We are writing to you today to express our concerns regarding the public exhibition of the song "Rock and Roll (Part 2)" by Gary Glitter.

Gary Glitter, whose real name is Paul Gadd, is a serial pedophile and has been arrested and jailed in both the United Kingdom and Viet Nam for various crimes against children. In Viet Nam, Mr. Glitter was convicted and jailed in March 2006 for sexually abusing two girls aged 10 and 11. He is currently incarcerated in Viet Nam for these crimes. In 1999, Mr. Glitter was jailed in the UK for the possession of child pornography. Mr. Glitter was found in possession of over 4,000 pictures of young children being sexually abused. According to British authorities, some of the children in these pictures were as young as 2 years old.

We are engaged in a campaign to raise public awareness of Mr. Glitter's crimes. We feel that the exhibition of "Rock and Roll (Part 2)" at public events serves to condone Mr. Glitter's crimes against children, and we respectfully request that you consider discontinuing the playing of this song at your events out of respect for Mr. Glitter's young victims.

Sports teams and athletes are great role models for children, and we feel that your organisation provides a great service to the public and to children in particular. We ask that you consider your young fans when you consider whether or not to continue playing Mr. Glitter's songs.

Please note that we have also sent copies of this letter to: (media outlets, politicians, etc) part of our campaign.

Thank you very much for your time.



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- Mel Brooks