i haven't been able to decide whether jackson was guilty. i'd rather have seen the evidence to decide. we all know he's not had the same experiences as the rest of us, and he's just been living in his own world.

everyone here seems to think he was guilty and be mad that he is not in jail now. the man has been living in his own self created jail his whole life.

i frankly don't really care about jackson. if after this another parent trusts their child with him, the parent is just as guilty of anything he does to that child.

instead of thinking of jackson--what about the accuser? to me--the whole circumstance is tragic no matter how you look at it. if he did do it, then is this young teenage boy getting help and therapy and the support he needs? the news isn't saying. and if he did not do it, this kid still needs therapy and treatment for living with a mother sick enough to put him out there to allege the lies. again, the news hasn't said what kind of help this kid is getting. everyone is focused on jackson. how this sickens me.