Though not originally written for the SA that I later came to remember, the sentiment of this poem transcends the hell that we sometimes have to live through in this life, with a hopeful promise of better times ahead...
I apologize in advance for its length, but I only used the words that needed to be written...

'Hoof-Prints in the Sand'
By Whicker, July 2000

I awoke, long last
My nightmare now ended
Lying ‘neath a warm summer sun.

Stretched-out on my side
Upon lush meadow grass
My tail lightly swishing my bum.

“My tail!” I cry
As I jump to my feet
Nearly stumbling into a fall!

For no longer two, but four legs
Now support my large form
I stand trembling, shaken, and tall.

In wonder I turn slowly
My long, whiskery face
Gazing and viewing this shape.

My eyes fill with tears
As it dawns on my mind
I have SHED the form of an ape!

Gently testing each limb
I raise and extend them
Reveling in their creation!

The feel of my heart
My lungs, and my bowels
I am staggered by the sensations!

“A Horse! A Horse!”
Cries out my new mind
I whicker and snort in joy!

I start prancing and dancing
Cavorting and leaping
Enjoying this fine, strong new toy!

It’s a gift! It must be!
From whom I knew not
I chuckle at my elation

I feel its wise gaze
As I kneel and roll in the grass
Having now joined the animal nation!

Lying flat on my back
Holding still for a moment
My belly turned up towards Sol’s heat.

My eyes open wide
As I sense the deep tread
Of four, massive hoofed feet.

I right myself smartly
Once again quickly rising
With just a tad bit more grace!

To find standing before me
Its form bright and assuring
The beauty of Equus’ face!

There was no denying
The strong body and presence
Poised there in horse form.

I stood meek and awed
By the powerful being
Its eyes showing the cusp of a storm!

“Do you now like what you are?”
It asks, not commanding
The voice compelling, yet kind.

“Your prayers are answered?”
It prompts with a nicker
The words falling warm in my mind.

I cannot express
All the feelings and thoughts
Racing around in my head.

Who could have thought
Upon waking to find
Such rapture, in being dead?

I’d felt while living
Trapped in that old form
This body screaming for freedom!

Only to learn upon dying
Not fear of the void
But joy at seeing this kingdom!

I could not show
Had no way to tell
The gratitude that I now felt.

Of the great gift bestowed
On this poor old soul
Not deserving, indeed, such a pelt!

“Your times not yet done,
In the world of Man,
Your penance to gain my Favor?”

“Is to right as much wrong,
As your old form allows,
Till your days on the Earth will waver.”

“Live to be True,
Righteous and Brave,
In spite of Mankind’s Hate!”

“And you shall find,
This form you now wear,
Shall for ever-and-non be your Fate!”

I awoke on a beach
My Heart and Soul filled to bursting
Feeling the pact that was made.

To see with amazement
Large prints beside me
Leading towards the end of the day.

They were measured and paced
Their mark sharp and defined
I felt with my trembling hand.

Those Hoof-prints so large
Made by Equus himself
Their imprints deep in the sand!

Esse Quam Videri
(To be, rather than to seem)