(This is my first attempt at poetry in many moons)

We are the hollow men.
We are the survivors.

For years you have kept us trapped within our own den.
But now we free ourselves by become transcribers.

The truth is out and the pain runs deep.
But, you have lost your clout and your secret we no longer will keep.

Our souls have been emptied and our existence has been one of survival.
The time has come to be reborn and our spirits are having a revival.

We will replace rage with acceptance and let go of the pain.
God's love will shower us and we will make it through the rain.

Our lives do have meaning and we are not monsters to be abhorred.
Through hard work we will discover a life worth living and that is the ultimate reward.

For it is not money or fame that makes success.
In the end it is a nurtured soul that rises above the rest.

We are the hollow men who are the survivors.
But, it is only a matter of time before survivors become thrivers.