look at ME!
look at what's been done to ME!
I'm a baby
I'm a whiner
I have rights
you need to be kinder
mentality of a three-year-old
"it's okay" I want to be told
I don't have to grow up
because I've been abused
I'm really self-absorbed
watch out, you'll get used
does it really matter
that I don't see your pain?
my stories are better than yours
maybe I'm insane
call ME an attention whore
selfishness you'll see
tell ME of your anguish
I'll make it ALL ABOUT ME
I can't really focus
on what you have to say
I'm the one who's innocent
hug ME now, okay?
if you don't treat me right
I'll dump you with the trash
you're just like all the others
my friendships never last
you hurt ME
that's what I'm going to tell'em
it's not the whole truth
but it's what I need to sell'em
I need to be a victim
how else will I get love?
I need to be a child
I need to push and shove
look at ME!
look at what's been done to ME!

-to the immature adults I've met along the way who refuse to take responsibility for their own lives