Someday, my boys will realize
and hopefully understand
why their father was so protective
and made so many demands

Someday my wife will see
what I do, is to protect those close to me
and maybe, just maybe, come to learn
that what i do, is so no harm comes to them

Someday my family will come to see
how the hatred has filled me
and how my wife
has given life back to me

Someday my mom and dad will see the truth
no matter how hard it burns
and on that day, they will come to see
why I hate them, and they will agree
that I had a reason, and I'm justified
to want the people dead
at least until i die

Someday I will come to know peace
but until that day
I will feel the pain

Someday I will know calm
and on that day
god will decide where i belong

Without my sons, I would not be here.