\:\( Almost died last night.... hypothermia..... had to write something for one of my therapist so I'm sharing it here too..... something that I don't have.... safety.... please help me.... pray!

A safe place, thee comfort zone,

The feeling you get when you're really home,

That warmth in a hug or finally knowing when you're really known,

Growing no secrets loved just as shown,

No pain no more stress always protected,

No hint of the action of being neglected,

Everything's corrected all the monsters are gone,

The light is on and I'm truly where I belong,


Allowed just a taste of ease,

Becoming atleast half of what I use to be,

Blinded only to the emotion of fear thankful that it's unseen,

Always surrounded when playing in dreams,

Everyone loves and they're all on my team,

The water is flowing in tranquil smooth streams,

I can feel the breeze come like it's straight from the sun,

No one is threatening and peace fills my lungs,

Finally able to breath without watching my back,

No possible way of getting attacked,

The perimeter of me is finally secure by the strength of all called,

All that's inside can finally be safe above all.