That's cool! A lot of different spins you can put on this one!

Of course you may have one very specific thing in mind.

For most of my life I kept my real self, my true feelings, my past life, present, & future hopes, encased in a protective shell of suspicion, fear bitterness & self-hatred, built by the tools of survival from my abuse.

But it all burned within me, and sometimes the heat & light of my true self would leak out, in rage or concern, love or hate, reaching out or pushing away.

This at last left enuf cracks in the shell for therapy, support & love to leak in for the real me to work with.

Now the shell has been burned down from the inside out, and the ashes of my true self are rising up & forming into the real me in the real world.

Sometimes I still try to go back & pick up old pieces of shell, or try to create new pieces, and I start trying to enclose myself in a shell again.

But as long as I remember the emptiness inside that old shell, and all the living I sacrificed while huddling in it, I can throw down the old shell pieces and use my creative time & energy to build my life & build up those around me.

Hey Ross thanks for sharing your neat & succinct poetry! \:\)


"I can't stand pain. It hurts me."
--Daffy Duck