The enemy within

I've been a zombie,
dead on the inside,
aimlessly living,
a life thats not my own.

I've been a slave,
living to serve you,
wanting to please you,
and your selfish satisfaction.

I've been a slut,
a pretty piece of flesh,
and submissively I have endured,
your abuse and your shame.

Twenty years later,
I see the light,
and I know the truth.

I've seen the enemy, And it is I.


Last week, at an office meeting, someone mentioned the phrase "I have seen the enemy, and it is I ", which had meanings at so many levels. It made me think, and hence the poem.

The enemy within, is the enemy that prevents me from living a full life. That is the enemy that I have now come to recognize. That is the enemy that I now fight, to reclaim what was always mine. My life.