Pus in my pride
I should have died
I was denied
God how I tried

Future foretold
Innocence sold
I feel real old
God itís so cold

Shit on my face
Famíly disgrace
Iíve lost this race
God what a waste

Shake when I kneel
What do I feel?
Itís no big deal
God canít be real

Wallow in shame
Cherish the game
Love to be lame
God make me tame

I know my place
Smell but donít taste
Horny but chaste
Godís not in haste

Favors all spent
Miracleís lent
Still have my dent
God should repent

Dream down the drain
Trip on my cane
Donít call it pain
God is not sane

Feeling so odd
My dove has cawed
Hatefully flawed
God damn you God

In the name of the Anger, and of the Sadness, and of the Unholy Fear. Amen.