Poetry, literary expression

Most owe the writing to what skills a teacher gave
them in school, so not all youth can write poems
and many only start writing poems as adults.

My bio notes "Literary" as part of my profile:
English "Honors" scholar, but to a degree in Psychology
as poetry did not pay much. ;\) Still maintain BBC (that is British Broadcasting) contacts and pursuits as a researcher and much is with poems.

I like this section. I have to and forgive me look at the person’s age, as every generation uses language in a different way. I read the poem usually several times then look at the person’s age, etc.

I see much potential and promise here. I hope each of you keeps the poems that you write. If not in a file save them on such as on Yahoo as to always have them.

Some of us have a "portfolio" suitable for university or for whatever applications.
Some are such as to suggest a college may really want you.

Many therapists are trained, some, in analysis, as writing is a “projective" technique. That means a psychologist or a Social Worker or therapist can learn about the real person by reading one's poems.

Some of poems read like those written by those World War One veterans of such as Flanders Field. Then I see it was also written by a youth who saw trauma at an early age.
I did a rather major study of war poetry once, the fruits of that are at the U.S. Air Force Academy library.

I wish everyone here could listen to music like Joan Baez and such. She was and still
is a woman who writes and sings “folk music”. She is also like me a Quaker, a pacifist.
Hey, start with her “greatest hits” CD’s and move out.

Seems youth write painful poetry, young then old war veterans do so as well as
with “all the lonely people”. That refers to a song by the Beatles 40 some years ago.
Eleanor Rigby. A lot of poetry by women who had a “rough childhood” naught penned by men except what is here at this place and war poetry.

Hey, guys, you have been to war. Nobody told you. Just “One tin Soldiers” view, yes a pacifist, I did medical work in Vietnam and elsewhere.

Thank all and everyone for the poems. That is the purpose of this message. I owe you all a lot. Yes, there are peaceful people in a troubled world.

Rocky Mountain Joe

It is called “literary criticism” so PM me if you write a poem and nobody answers.
I’ll read it.

One does not write poetry but a poem at a time.