Hi Jim. There's a large segment of society that view poetic expression resultant from childhood sexual abuse as underwater basketweaving save-the-whales stuff. Truth is it can have value as a means to express that for which wordages are lacking. How to voice properly a violation of extreme societal taboo,especially from the victim's point of view that such engagement was the victim's fault? Which is often the case. General public view is that "Okay. So you were dorked as a child. Big fucking deal. Life's no rose garden. Everyone suffers trauma. It's part of growing up. Shut up,quit bitching,get off your ass and make something of your life. We're tired of hearing your pathetic gawdamn excuses". But the reality is'nt like that. Not at all. Truth is that the people who feel themselves superior to adult victims of childhood incest/sexual abuse could'nt have survived as long as we have. Someone ought to give us a pat on our backs. Because we've survived. We're still alive. That alone by itself is an immense victory.