This was written a long time ago (about 20 years ago), but seems to express the problems I have had recently and seen in others expressions about all of the cases coming to the forefront during the past year.


How Does One Survive?

sometimes I wish to be Dead,
so that I can Live,
rather than live a spiritual death.

the Troubles multiply,
Good goes unnoticed and
the Bad is exaggerated...

Life goes on,
with Death omnipresent
in the form of the Living.

Hope dwindles away,
Fears amplify,
and Love hides itself.

Charity becomes routine,
Prayer becomes words
and each new day brings new

one goes Blind
and then goes Deaf
as one’s world crashes down.

Courage becomes Cowardice
Strength shifts to Weakness
and Joy morphs into Heartache.

Hurt and Pain accelerate
faster than Healing.
Enemies abound more
than friends.
and Hatred is more present
than Love.

Happiness depletes—
Sadness becomes the Victor.
Injury increases—
Pardon becomes the Loser.
Laws become Rules—
Rules are made to be Broken.

Talking becomes a method
of Hurting others,
instead of a means
of Compassion.

Foresight becomes Hindsight
as the Future appears dim,
and the Past shines glorious.

How does one survive a
massacre of faith?
How does one survive...

In all of time and space, there is but one you and one me...