Stairs leading up,
Stairs leading down,
and Holes in a wall--

Need to have an escape plan.
Need to know the way out.
Need to know where the exits are--
Ever watchful.

But I don't escape,
don't Leave,
don't Exit--
I stay.

Closed in a claustrophobic room,
Windows boarded up,
Doors locked from the outside,
with no Stairs up or down,
and no Holes in the wall.

Afraid, but safe
in my claustrophobic room.
I live in the darkness
of this room in my mind.

There is no escape,
no way out,
no exit--
from Myself.

I have ears, but I do not hear.
I have eyes, but I do not see.
I have hands, but they do not touch.
I have a tongue, but I do not tell.
I have a mouth, but I do not eat.
I have a nose, but I do not breathe.
I have a heart, but it does not beat.
I have feelings, but, yet, I am numb.
I have everything and nothing at all.

There are ways to escape,
yet I am

[ April 15, 2002: Message edited by: Jim C. ]

In all of time and space, there is but one you and one me...