Let's start at the beginning--this was the first poem I wrote as a direct response to the memories I was having--If you like this I have many more--

Fragmented Memories

Fragmented memories,
like lines written before pages
torn from the diary of my life,
come flooding back to my senses.

The prayerful rattle of rosary beads
reminds, not of rosaries,
but something sinister--
a beaded doorway through which
someone entered.

Someone touched me
I react--
not to this touch,
but to a memory

Someone stands too close to me
a sense of panic shoots through me
not because of him,
but just because...

Fleeting images--
images of pain and confusion
blaze past through my mind.

Larger than life
these images frighten
the child within me
while angering my own adult.

I scream silently
not saying what I remember
not remembering what I should
I reach out,
but no one is there...

So I write
and the hurt becomes deeper.
I say nothing
and I feel like weeping.
I do nothing--
I am frozen in space.
Nothing begets nothing
and the hidden pain lingers on.

In all of time and space, there is but one you and one me...