I thought for it happened a long time ago
That you were somehow now alright
I thought you had worked out the pain and the guilt
And your dreams were not troubled at night
Your portrayal of strength and your confident aire
Gave me reason to feel you were fine
If you showed a weakness I never did see
There was never a defenite sign

It happened so slowly like a thread on a sweater
One day I had noticed a snag
But you snipped it away and said was all fine
How did I know this was a red flag?

As the time went along you became more unraveled
And I realized that all was not fine
You could not keep the truth from all spilling out
And the pain that was yours became mine.

I cry in the night and sometimes the day
At your little boy's innocence lost
But I stand here beside you to weather this storm
Whatever the outcome or cost.

For you are my love, my life and my soul
Not just words are "For better or worse"
How could I accept all the good that you are
If I do not accept your curse?

May you find peace in my open arms
And the courage to face whats ahead
It is all that you are that is all that I love
This miracle life you have lead