Someone rightly asked in another post if God made everything, then God made evil. If nothing existed before God created things, then God created evil when he made the universe (or humans).

I've grappled and struggled with this concept a lot. I've come to the following conclusion so far. This isn't doctrine I'm stating, just where I'm at with my walk with God right now.

I think a healthy roundtable discussion would be beneficial for all on this topic.

God made the heavens. God made the Earth. God made all things on Earth, including humans. God called it "good". If a perfect omnipotent omniscient being calls something good, it must have been dynamite. where was evil at this point? I do not know.

Maybe evil was in existance, maybe not. Maybe after the Earth dimension had been created, the war in heaven happened. Who knows such things except God Himself.

Here's where I'm going with this. I do not think God created evil directly. I think evil came into existance first when Lucifer rebelled. Then I believe evil was opened up (so to speak) into our time/space dimension when our forefathers disobeyed with the crunch of an apple.

Did God actually say, "let there be evil?" I just can't buy into that. I think that God made us to be devine-human impartakers of His presence, eg, before the fall in the garden. There was perfect communion between God and His creation.

When rebellion occured, God chose to take that portion of Himself out of us. The spirit of mankind died, so to speak. Hence the statement, on this day you shall surely die. They didn't physically die, but spiritually, they were dead as of the moment God spoke that. Hence, having to be reborn spiritually today.

I believe that evil just is the action/evidence of us being these human entities, designed by the original craftsman, to function in and through Him and Him only. Only in Him and through Him and with Him can we be complete(perfected). Since we are lacking him from the time of the apple, everything that is NOT of Him has had the right to manifest itself into the time/space created dimension we live in today.

Think of it like this: God dwelled within us and the creation was subjected to God's perfect presence. He withdrew His presence from creation and from within us allowing death to occur. Death of what is, by His measurements, the only method of living: through the source of Life Himself.

Therefore, I am currently concluding that God did not "make" evil, but evil is just the effect/manner of operation that occurs in the abscence of His presence. Since everything here was made to be indwelt by Him, the absence of Him has allowed everything that is not of His Spirit to run amok.

Evil, in my opinion, is not some vague mystical force. It is a personalized series of entities that are dark. They are dark and called darkness because they had the same thing happen to them that happened to us: God's light removed from our being. That is why I believe God's plan for salvation through Christ so caught Satan off guard. I just don't think for a moment that satan would have killed Christ if he knew it was going to result in the salvation of mankind and God UNdoing the very thing He had done in the past: restore His presence in us. Satan just did NOT see that coming. He thought God was through with us by way of indwelling.

Satan (a personal force of evil) and his dominion rage against humans because these beings were made to have light in them. They were angels of light. They are dark angels, beings still in existence, but they are not LIVING. They are, so to speak, death itself in the form of an entity that is personified. That is what I think, to a symbolic sense, we have in us before salvation, death itself in us and God restores Life to us through the indwelling Presence of His Spirit via Christs atonement.

We have such powerful souls because we were made to be powerful beings when coupled with the Light (Spirit) of God. This inherent light/goodness was removed from us, so we have this void, this continual thirst, raging or trickling through us non-stop. It's the effect of the fall of mankind. Hence the message Jesus spoke to the lady at the well about living waters: she will thirst no more. Obviously he wasn't talking about natural water, but spiritual water. What is her thirst? This desire for connection, for intimacy, for indwelling with His presence. It is only through the indwelling of Christ in us, this great mystery of the ages, that we can have our 'thirst' for life, for peace, truly quenched. When we walk according to this newness of life within us, we are quenched, satisfied inside. When we don't, we arent.

I'm concluding right now that evil is that side of us that came into existence when an absence was known because of the removing of Life Himself from us.

That's my thoughts. Does any of this make sense?

Looking forward to some discussion on this.


Now to Him who is able to do, immeasurably more, than all we could ask or imagine