Yesterday, we enjoyed a really great mother's day sermon. It was on the impact a mother could have for generations to come and used Hannah and Samuel to illustrate the point. Anyway, those of you who have read my posts know that my husband is having a very difficult time in his life. one of the key parts of the story of Samuel's conception and how he came to be who he was, was the powerful prayers of his mother Hannah. So during the sermon, the pastor veered of about the power of prayer and that the elders are available after the service to annoint and pray every communion Sunday (always the first Sunday of the month). The Spirit moved him to say, "and they will be available today as well for anyone in need of deliverance and healing. So quickly, I prayed, God put it on my husband's heart to be prayed over, because you know he's in need of your deliverance." And I thought yeah right. Mind you, my husband is not the type to go have the elders annoint him and pray over him. Well, as soon as the service ended he says to me, go get the kids and I'll meet you after I go see the elders. Well, wasn't I just floored. So I guess this was God's mother's day gift to me!