I am a Christian.
I understand that not everyone here is but I still feel that I should post this. I hope it does not offend any of you who are of other faiths \:\)

A friend who knows I am a strong Christian asked me today, "If today is the day that Jesus was crucified and died on the cross, why do Christians call it "good" Friday"?
I found great hope in my answer and want to share it with all of you...
It is true that good Friday is the day that Christians remember that Jesus our Lord died on the cross. And I am certain that his disciples and mother and other followers did not feel that it was a "good" Friday as they watched him hang on the cross and die. I am sure they felt despair, confusion, like they had been lied to, that maybe this man, Jesus, was not who he claimed to be.
But then three days later, those same people found an empty tomb! Death had been defeated! God was victorious! The Bible says the wages of sin is death, but Jesus conquered it and brought new life. Good Friday is GOOD because Jesus took the punishment (death) for all our sins, but God was powerful enough to bring new life from that death!
This story gives me such hope. That even in the darkest of times, when everything looks bad and like evil has won, God is at work!
I see who I am today and I like who I am! I still have MANY issues that I work on, but over all I am a good person. Much of my empathy for people and my "intuition" that keeps me and others safe, is due to my abuse and my home life growing up. God has used that stuff to mold me and shape me into a good, loving, sensitive man! I don't know what I would have been without those experiences, sometimes I wonder, but I really like who I am now, in spite of or maybe because of the things I've been through.
I praise God that God is one who works for good in all situations for those who love God!
I hope this makes sense and brings you hope, as it did me.