This is the religious portion of my response from the "Another war" thread in the unmoderated forum found here:

That was pretty close to my oppinion Victor, but then I was thinking about the old testament in the book of Samuel when the kingdoms surrounding Isreal all had kings and Isreal did not. The people feared they would overun by the nations with kings. They were not content to let God be thier king. So they asked for a king. God warned them that they would not be happy with a king, but they persisted. Eventually he gave them the exact king they wanted, he looked like and acted like a king. But like many kings, he was corrupt, and eventually they wished they didnt have a king.

I believe its the same kind of thing with Iraq. We are not trusting in God enough to take care of us. We feel we have to take matters into our own hands. But I say, if its not God's will for us to be nuked, we wont be. If it is his plan that we get nuked, I dont know how, but we would probably be better for it. I think if we just prayed as a country for God's will to be done regarding Iraq and nukes we would be better off.

There is also another old testment story, I think from Deuteronomy where they are wandering in the desert and they are sick of manna and they want quail. Well God gives them more quail than they could ever ask for, and they were wailing in agony as a result. I don't remember if they were begging for the manna they didnt want as a result. I think if we take these kind of matters into our own hands we are going to get quail one way or another in this Iraq crisis. When Jesus prayed in the garden before he was betrayed, he said something like please take this cup from me, but not my will, but yours be done. If he insisted and God's will was not done, I don't even want to think of where we would be.

So anyway, that sums up my oppinion on the matter. I think this is different than liberating Kuwait or world war II. I think we are taking matters into our own hands and pushing for our will to be done and as a result we might get quail.

As for our military superiority over Iraq, who can argue about it, but history is full of David and Goliath wars (the revolutionary war is a good example). I'm not saying they are going to win, I dont think it is going to be good for any country involved. It wouldnt surprise me if the hand writing is on the wall to a certain degree for us and Iraq. I believe our Jerry Springer society and Iraq's dictatorship could both use some sobering correction.

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