I don't know where to begin here but I feel I must vent a little. I am a practicing Catholic, former seminarian and survivor of Clergy sexual abuse. I am very active in my parish and my children attend Catholic schools. My faith IS very important to me, I don't see that changing but my staunch support for the Church and what it stands for, which has been such an important and influential part of my life...well I am not so sure anymore. \:\(

I have just learned that Archbishop Lennon, the prelate who replaced Cardinal Law of Boston has instructed the diocesian attorneys to begin deposing the clinicians who have been counseling the victims of clergy abuse. I AM OUTRAGED!!!

This past June in Dallas Bishop Wilton Gregory, expressed remorse for what has been done to clergy abuse victims, he called upon all victims to come forward and to report thier abuse to the authorities. In many of these cases the church offered counseling to these victims as a gesture of compassion and in an attempt to restore their TRUST which was so violated. Now Bishops are moving to depose therapists who have worked with these victims. It appears that the Church was not seeking to help one heal but rather trying to root out all those who will come forward either sooner or later, and send a message that they will scrutinize, pick apart all the work and or progress any therapist might have made. What a violation of TRUST and further abuse! Besides the re-victimization of these individuals they also send a message to professionals....if you choose to work with victims of clergy abuse...you may be subponed and hassled in the legal system, taking up very precious time that could be used to counsel others.

THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! I have not been very public about many of the details of my own abuse, but I cannot and will not be quite any longer!

This makes me think about our thread on ADVOCACY and how we MUST come forward and be counted if REAL change is to occur.

It is painfully clear...this is just another LEGAL response, lacking real pastoral care. I am begining to think much of the Hierarchy is just not capable of comprehending the damage and pain they have caused these victims...beyond the initial abuse.

What must happen for our Church to "GET IT"?

I do know there are those in the Church and Hierarchy seeking change...but they are too few and effective change is not occuring!

I will continue to pray that one day these men will be granted true wisdom and act more like the SHEPARDS they were called to be, and less like CEO's of a fortune 500 company seeking to protect it's ass...ets.