I saw this yesterday and I think it is a darn good first step. Now I think they need to arrest him along with all those that he covered up. Put them in a 10X10 cell and keep em there for life.

Another guy that I work with read this article at work and made a good comment about it. Another guy sitting close by who grew up in catholic schools started to sort of downplay things. So I jumped in (I can't sit by quietly). I said he needed to resign and hopefully he along with the ones that he covered up for should all go to prison. He did tell us that in school, the priests where he was at were ok but he said he remembers going to sporting events with other catholic schools and hearing all kinds of stories. This is so sad.

And you know what, it isn't just the Catholic Church. All churches have this going on within them. I once told a guy that thought the only child molesters out there were the "convicted sex offenders" that he didn't have to go any further than his own church to find child abusers. Of course he didn't like to hear it, but churches are a good place to hide.

And please understand me, I am not saying everyone in all churches are bad, there are just child abusers there like in every walk of life (and the part that angers me is how they hide behind the church while they abuse their kids).


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