I have been into philosphy for a while. Religion and philosophy are like the difference between telling people what to believe and discussing what our perceptions lead us to believe. That is why i dont really like religion. I read some thing socrates wrote, he was pretty cool. He was a mason, but he would actually walk up to people and sometimes even pay them to have a discussion with them about things. He was smart too, but he was a bit of a wise ass, which i liked. \:\) The thing that really got me is how even though he was going to be executed and his followers would have broken him out of jail, he choose to commit suicide as an act of defiance against ignorence. He is kind of my philospohic hero. I think a lot like he did, and it felt good to be able to relate so well with someone who everybody holds in such mysticism.

It is strange, but there is actually more evidence that jesus was a sort of guerilla fighter, not a peacefull messiah. After his death, most people thought he would come back to reap vengeance. It didnt become populalr opinion that he would bring peace until hundreds of years after he died. There is a picture of jesus riding a horse and brandishing a flaming sword. It is also recorded that he entered a jewish temple and started to thrash it. It is in this book i read, called cows, pigs, wars, and witches. I am not completely secular, because life itself requires faith to believe in, but that is all you need to believe in. I think, therefore i am.